Homemade Cookiewiches

cookiewiches 009

My friend Jake had no idea what a cookiewich was… he thought I was going to draw a witch onto a cookie…

He’s crazy! yeah that’s right I just blasted you on the internet…

maybe you were to busy eating and drinking maple syrup as a kid ya crazy red head!

cookiewiches 005

I should have made alcohol… to prepare myself to the hell I was going to walk into this weekend for work…

I guess tollhouse and ice will do. I survived… But here is a tip… If something is in the title of the product you are getting it is more than 99% likely in the product you want, yes raisins are in the rum raisin ice cream… next time I will say unicorns and glitter are in the product and give you magical powerscookiewiches 006

Yes… I’m ending my rant now…

so here is my thing when you buy cookiewiches, there is never enough ice cream so I piled it on there.

all of your childhood dream came true…


1 chocolate chip cookie recipe I used tollhouse I did cut the recipe in half twice to make a quarter batch I got 6 cookies to make 3 sandwiches

vanilla ice cream or any flavor you want

follow directions on how to make the cookies you are doing to bake let cool pile on the ice cream sandwich the cookies and enjoy!


Thirsty Thursdays: Chocolate Guinness Floats

guinness floats 010Before everyone says eww…

Gimme a chance…

Ha this sounds like a plea for a love life… actually my love life isn’t that sad. (yeah that’s right I got my eye on you big red!)

Anyhow this is awesome, we all know how I love my irish car bombs which tastes just like a chocolate milk shake… I mean who doesn’t like slamming shots right?

Oh wait a minute that’s not lady like…

This is what I made this float, yeah lets just go with that…

guinness floats 002I could have been a jerk and only made one big one but I shared…

I like being a jerk. (Not really)

But this takes 1 minute to make and like 30 seconds to inhale…

guinness floats 006This is where the magic is …


guinness floats 007

Rather have something minty? Try my boozy shamrock shake

Chocolate Guinness Floats

serves 2

14 oz can Guinness

1 pint of chocolate ice cream

Extras if you dare

whipped cream

chocolate sauce

brownie bits

Take your chocolate ice cream and divide it between both glasses. Now pour the Guinness on top of the ice cream do it slowly it gets creamy and foamy. Now you enjoy it!

Thirsty Thursdays: Kaluah Milkshakes

buttermilk coffee cake 016Sometimes in life we have problems…

here is a list of mine.

1. My hours at work have been cut.

2. I didn’t get that 6 month raise…. that everyone else got

3. you do something you are told at work and you find 6 months worth of garbage behind the fridge…

4. you got a new job but have to wait till its finished being built…

5. the cat knocks over an open bottle of kaluah all over the floor.

6. This guy you went out with once already asked you to be his girlfriend… You say no, get the look of you’re bitter like a lemon, you barely know me… buddy

7. the guy you are interested in probably doesn’t realize you actually are.

8. you want to have a dance party but you kinda only have a cat to dance with.

9. that mistake you made 3 years ago still has you in debt, you’ll get what’s coming to you FYI dude.

10. I need to clean my room.

11. if you didn’t figure it out yet… I’m crazy luckily its the good kind of crazy.

12. trying to cram your brain with information of beer and hops is very well tiring especially if you only know half of what you are doing.

I think that ends my list…

buttermilk coffee cake 015Good thing I have thirsty thursday to look forward to.

A life lesson for your twenties… Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Let’s just say I didn’t have the easiest childhood/ life I had to learn fast… those problems I just listed will eventually go away once me, myself and I Jamie takes care of them. If I don’t no one else will. Are some of my problems my fault? Definitely not but who else is going to own up to them? I’m sure not many.

So let’s just say you live and you learn… If you don’t learn there is karma coming your way…

In the mean time I have kaluah milkshakes to heal my wounds.


buttermilk coffee cake 017

Chocolate Chip Cookie Kahlua Milkshakes

makes 2 shakes

2 cups coffee ice cream

1 1/2 cups milk (I used vanilla almond-coconut milk)

1/2 cup kahlua

2 large chocolate chip cookies + 1 more to crumble on top (optional) I didn’t have any cookies this time

6 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to a blender and process until almost smooth, leaving some small pieces of cookie if possible. Pour in glasses and crumble more cookies on top. Serve!

buttermilk coffee cake 019Save me…

Thirsty Thursday on a Thursday… Shamrock Shakes

st patricks day 021

McDonald’s get the heck out of my way!

My Shamrock shake is a billion times better… Uh mine contains booze duh… Uh hello booze always makes it better

even if its 12 in the afternoon… Um lets just call you lunch! I really wish I could show you the emoji text I send to my friend Becca we basically text through little icon pictures 10 doughnuts and a french fries it must mean its lunch time!

Anyway… lets just say McDonald’s has nothing on this!

st patricks day 022Hello, Hello Kitty!

Hello, Guinness and ice cream oh, and creme de menthe…

Yeah I know it sounds kinda gross but its soooo good!

I just love Guinness and mint! lets just put it together in the same glass and call it the new official drink of St. Patrick’s day

I love Guinness so much here a few fact about it

1. 10 million glasses of Guinness are sold around the world daily

2.The color of Guinness is not brown or black, its official color is deep ruby-red.

3. The harp on the label is based on a famous 14th-century Irish harp known as the “O’Neill” or “Brian Boru” harp, which is now preserved in the Library of Trinity College Dublin.

4. Guinness is sold in 150 countries and is super popular in Africa yeah that right Africa!

5. Guinness was originally an ale, Then in 1770 it was made in to a porter to keep in competition

and that’s all I really know about Guinness
st patricks day 024All gone…
Shamrock Shakes
Serves 1 big shake or 2 small
1 pint vanilla ice cream
4 to 6 shots of creme de menthe
3 to 5 shots of Guinness
1 to 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
Put everything in the blender and blend on high until thick and creamy I put chocolate syrup on the sides of my glass poured in to the glass and drank it in 5 gulps.

Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats

So nothing says fall like a chocolate cherry float with bourbon on the side okay it’s on the side and in it… yeah that’s my kind of dessert/ ice cream.

It’s scarey I kinda just woke up one day “old” like old enough to put bourbon in my ice cream.  But I love it, in a weird way. not the fact that I’m getting old but yeah you know what I mean.

in less than a month I’ll be 27. Crunch time I guess.

Some times I like an extra shot on the side yum…

It’s the weekend before Halloween and a hurricane is supposed to coming. Whatever I can survive it! my neighbor down stairs bought 100 dollars worth of beer… as a building I think we are ready… Don’t worry dad, I had beer, I’m fine no bottled water or food but the girl down stairs has beer…

Mean while I have chocolate ice cream and black cherry soda…

It’s real hard not suck this down… That’s what she said… yeah I went there.

I have purple nails and that’s about it.

Go Ravens? Happy Halloween?  not to sure what to say.

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats w/ Bourbon

serves 2

1 pint of dark chocolate ice cream

4 ounces of bourbon

2 bottles of cherry soda

Fill glasses with ice cream. Pour in 1-2 shots of bourbon (or lots more). Pour in soda. Drink. Enjoy!

Baseball and Midnight Milkshakes…

So Last night I went to the Orioles VS Kansas City Royals… It was my sister’s birthday present annnnd I look  hot mess in this photo!

That is besides the point we were there and they won! I mean okay come on the Orioles are kinda known for not being great but lets just say this year may be their year. The same player hit two home runs last night annnnd the same person caught it both times I mean that’s kinda amazing it was pretty epic last night. maybe they’re showing off for me because I’m single and I’m sure some of them are single and they totally want to date me to kill the spiders in my apartment for me.

yeah… anyway… not like that was awkward or anything…

And soooo that was that… Other than the fact the favorite part of Christa’s night was taking the light rail for the first time I told her next year forget a new thing we’re just riding the light rail and that’s it!

Beside that we wanted milkshakes when we got home

So I made them we bought cookies and cream ice cream and we went home and made them

First you put your ice cream and few splashes of milk in the blender the blend then pour in a glass and enjoy!

Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float and Cream Soda

You get a double in this post. forgive me for not posting and the relationship rant I mean you don’t talk to me ever and expect me to hang out with you now? I rather go drink a bottle of bleach in the shower. I mean that’s pretty bad. Actually I rather drink this alone and share how to make it with you guys. I mean I know you;re thinking it’s winter and why in the heck would I eat ice cream and cold things? I don’t know I’m bonkers okay… I live in the city and things are BONKERS  here okay. Lets more on I can make you a Shirley temple cream soda today too! See two for one.. Let’s get on with life. Okay cool no bigs.

This is super quick to make and fun if you have kids. You start with your ice cream and pour some cherry juice from the jar in there. I cheated and used grenadine too. shh lets not share that with people, that I cheat at making ice cream floats. Oh my gosh you’re almost finished.  I like i’m totes about having a quick dessert sometimes.

Now I added lemon lime soda. I usually use ginger ale but a friend at work told me most people use lemon lime soda. so you can do either or. You just need to breathe for a minute okay. Over the weekend I visited a friend and we made box brownie mix. I fail at life apparently, (we are both bakers)  Why am I telling you this? because everyone needs to take shortcuts in life to get the big picture. To my friend that I visited you’ll see it eventually. just keep digging you’ll get the big picture eventually and you’ll be the one who painted it all out. just eat ice cream and box brownies. Sorry about that just want wanted to reach out.

 See now you just need a spoon.  and enjoy it.


1 glass

couple scoops of ice cream

few tablespoons of cherry juice and or grenadine

few cups of lemon lime or ginger ale soda

I can’t tell you measurements on this everyone likes their ice cream floats differently.

You take your glass place a few scoops of ice cream in there. pour a few tablespoons of cherry juice in the glass and add cherries if you like then pur soda on top. then you enjoy!


1 large cup with ice

1/4 cup of grenadine syrup ( taste it after you add the club soda if you use that to see if it’s sweet enough for you)

Few cups of club soda  or you can use lemon lime soda. (leave room to add milk. and if you are using regular soda make a normal Shirley temple to your liking)

few table spoons o of milk.

Take your large cup with ice add your syrup and pour in you soda leave enough room for milk. add milk stir it in it’s like a float minus the ice cream its good choice if you don’t like ice cream.