Homemade Cookiewiches

cookiewiches 009

My friend Jake had no idea what a cookiewich was… he thought I was going to draw a witch onto a cookie…

He’s crazy! yeah that’s right I just blasted you on the internet…

maybe you were to busy eating and drinking maple syrup as a kid ya crazy red head!

cookiewiches 005

I should have made alcohol… to prepare myself to the hell I was going to walk into this weekend for work…

I guess tollhouse and ice will do. I survived… But here is a tip… If something is in the title of the product you are getting it is more than 99% likely in the product you want, yes raisins are in the rum raisin ice cream… next time I will say unicorns and glitter are in the product and give you magical powerscookiewiches 006

Yes… I’m ending my rant now…

so here is my thing when you buy cookiewiches, there is never enough ice cream so I piled it on there.

all of your childhood dream came true…


1 chocolate chip cookie recipe I used tollhouse I did cut the recipe in half twice to make a quarter batch I got 6 cookies to make 3 sandwiches

vanilla ice cream or any flavor you want

follow directions on how to make the cookies you are doing to bake let cool pile on the ice cream sandwich the cookies and enjoy!


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