Charlotte and Greg’s Wedding

random wedding raspberry tea 041

So I’ve been neglecting you… with good reason… Work and preparing one of  two weddings…

Greg and Charlotte got married in Fredrick, MD over the weekend and tree nursery with a nice area where they hold weddings.

So in preparing, going to work and making a few trips to BJ’s I finished the cake and all the desserts!

So let’s see Tuesday I baked everything, Wednesday my little Mary came by to help me scoop over 200 Oreo balls and dip them in chocolate. What a trooper?! Also she helped make the icing for the blondies and iced those!!

Thursday I finished dipping the Oreo balls, and made the butter cream for the cake and brownies.

Friday was assembly day! So I got flowers for the cake and table stopped at Micheals for some boxes, Mary also came Friday to help me to fill and ice the cakes while i made more icing and made ganache.

Saturday I was a guest and so was my friend Catherine. So we went together and she helped me set everything up.

random wedding raspberry tea 034

Naked Oreo balls…

random wedding raspberry tea 037

The bottom tier it’s fake shhh…

random wedding raspberry tea 038Cant help but really laugh out loud at this… For Mary’s sake… That’s how you get disco dust on a cake

random wedding raspberry tea 039

Very Berry Vanilla Cake…I feel more people were more impressed with the berry cake then the actually wedding cake, people are suckers for fruit…

random wedding raspberry tea 042 random wedding raspberry tea 043 random wedding raspberry tea 045I ONLY TOOK A BILLION PICTURES OF THE WEDDING CAKE…

I only had bees bothering me the whole day…

random wedding raspberry tea 044

Irish Car Bomb wedding cake and brownies, very berry vanilla cake, Oreo “truffles”, and peanut butter blondies with chocolate icing…

all in all everyone enjoyed the day and the desserts, they couldn’t have had better weather!



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