Thirsty Thursdays: Chocolate Guinness Floats

guinness floats 010Before everyone says eww…

Gimme a chance…

Ha this sounds like a plea for a love life… actually my love life isn’t that sad. (yeah that’s right I got my eye on you big red!)

Anyhow this is awesome, we all know how I love my irish car bombs which tastes just like a chocolate milk shake… I mean who doesn’t like slamming shots right?

Oh wait a minute that’s not lady like…

This is what I made this float, yeah lets just go with that…

guinness floats 002I could have been a jerk and only made one big one but I shared…

I like being a jerk. (Not really)

But this takes 1 minute to make and like 30 seconds to inhale…

guinness floats 006This is where the magic is …


guinness floats 007

Rather have something minty? Try my boozy shamrock shake

Chocolate Guinness Floats

serves 2

14 oz can Guinness

1 pint of chocolate ice cream

Extras if you dare

whipped cream

chocolate sauce

brownie bits

Take your chocolate ice cream and divide it between both glasses. Now pour the Guinness on top of the ice cream do it slowly it gets creamy and foamy. Now you enjoy it!


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