Coloring Mason Jars for Vases

030Lets get our craft on!!

As you all know by now my best friend is getting married, I’m the maid of honor…

That mean planing a bridal  shower…

that means making cute little things… like colored mason jars. Well it’s going to be a jar for date night ideas… But I wanted to make it fun anyone can put just a plain mason jar out and tell people to advice in it. let’s get this going!

017So lets start of saying what you need… mason jars of course and mod podge and a surface to flip it on. I used a paper plate.

Can I tell you, being an avid fan of mod podge over the years it has defiantly evolved!

Now they come in plain, extra glossy, sparkles, glitter, and now colored! I chose green for her party but they make all kinds of colors… I know your thinking that is not the same color that jar is in the other picture. But that’s the magic of mod podge, it dries clear and glossy in this case its a transparentcolor when it dries. watch out Houdini!

018I was talking to my friend Monique on the phone as I was doing this and having a nervous break down thinking I didn’t have enough mod podge. That was an interesting phone conversation.

020okay so you fill your jar or jars with mod podge and hold it on a tilt and slowly rotate the jar in your hands, till you get to the lip of the jar that point just flip it over and just walk away. You really shouldn’t mess with it. So go read, watch t.v., cook, nap something… In about an hour just check it you’ll be surprised house much has gathered up.  but it’s cool just leave it or move to a different spot.

028Art.. Sorry not sorry!

029About 6 hours go by and I thought it was finished doing it thing. now its time to get some air in there and watch it do its magic about an hour to 2 it will be dry depending where you have it in the house to dry.

031I later painted multi surface glitter paint on the outside in a pattern I wanted I will finish it off with ribbon just didn’t like the ribbon I had…

Colored Mason Jars

mason jars

colored mod podge

flat surface for drainage

add extras





fake flowers

Take a clean mason jar, rinse and dry them if you have to. Squirt your mod podge in the bottom of the jar it depends how much you will need on the size of your jar mine was a larger size so I used a little less than half of a small bottle of mod podge. Tilt you jar and rotate the jar in your hands till the mod podge gets to the lip of the jar and flip it over on to a flat surface and let it be for about 6 hours. take the jar and flip it back on its bottom. you may have to take a knife to the rim and get rid of the extra dried color. Flip the jar over and let it air dry about a 1 to 2 hours it gets to milky in color to transparent. After dried decorate if you please with whatever you want on it!


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