D.I.T.L.O Day in the Life of: Instagram Edition

ditlo7rIt was cold enough to wear my comfy boots. surprise another shoe photo!

ditlo13 ditlo8 ditlo12 ditlo11 ditlo10 ditlo9I was invited to check out a farm… It was awesome! To bad most of the animals are going to be dinner for diners… cute baby pigs I wanted to sneak one home oh and a baby lamb.

ditlo4I took a walk up by Penn station. That’s Baltimore’s train station… they are actually doing work on it but maybe they should do this part first. Sad day Baltimore.

ditlo3Jurassic Pork… I wonder if that has a book too? If not I’m sure it’s good pork. Pork and dinosaurs who knew?

ditlo2 ditlo1Halloween! I ended up being Minnie mouse this year! We went out to a bar just to get out.

dilto7 dilto6I also had a party the week before Liv was a care bear that wasn’t on the TV show.

ditlo6 ditlo5And Leroi being Leroi… Yeah that is a blonde hair track on his head.


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