Thirsty Thursdays: Pumpkin Chai Latte

pumpkin 010I like my Chai iced… I cheated and used Chai concentrate… Look I’m lazy at 4am and I’m fighting with myself to call out of a job I hate. Since I’m to busy doing that I think cheating is okay.

Besides its 3 simple ingredients, it’s fast that waiting in a crappy Starbucks and paying 4 bucks for a small drink. All of my ingredients cost 6 bucks and I can make more than one and I don’t have to write my name on my cup even though people take your drink still anyway and then they don’t even get the write name half of the time so you know what, screw you Starbucks and your shitty coffee. I mean think about it, I waste my time standing in line for at least 20 minutes and get my wallet raped, and all I get out of it is  the unwanted privilege of standing with a bunch of hipsters that are wearing my leggings that I wore in 1st grade… But look I digress. I figured out how to make this and I know exactly whats going in it. It probably tastes better to and I can have more than one!

pumpkin 006Who is excited about fall?! I am, but I think you knew that, I’ve only been talking about it since July.

Maybe I will sever this at my Halloween party I think I would be a good Idea, I’m still searching for a moose costume and every thinks I’m nuts! guess what? I don’t care… Le roi might be a taco… If so there will be pictures like 8 billion!

pumpkin 007this part is super hard pouring your milk into the Chai… I keep wanting to write chia… I do like chia seeds though…. Do you thing people have started to buy chia pets now just to eat the chia sprouts? yeah I think about weird things.

pumpkin 009You stir in into the chai latte mixture. The pumpkin just blends right in.

It’s like a liquid pumpkin pie… yum.


3/4 cup of chai tea concentrate

3/4 cup milk (cows, almond, soy, coconut)

1-2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin

ice (optional)

pour tea and milk into a cup and then stir in the pumpkin. Enjoy!

pumpkin 011It also gets a fun orangey color.


You can steep your own chai tea just make sure you sweeten it most chai tea concentrates are pre sweetened

saving the rest of the pumpkin, I just put it in a plastic sandwich baggy and put it in the fridge.

you can enjoy it hot or cold  you can heat the tea mixture on the stove or in the microwave just add the pumpkin after you take it off the heat.


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