D.I.T.L.O. Day in the life of…

Oh it’s back I finally got back into the groove of my life!

pizza 001So I got some slip on shoes… I found Batman ones I will be buying those with my next paycheck!

Is it weird I like my ankles? I was lucky to not have kankles…

pizza 006I actually went on a date… We went to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see the new contemporary wing.

pizza 005They put some of my boys Andy Warhol’s work in this wing… no that isn’t a large intestine its someones idea of a chair.

pizza 003 pizza 002 pizza 004I went for a walk to scope out the park… I start to  jog in the fall! I lost 20 pounds this summer!

I also found a new job I get to start soon!

pizza 023Construction sites. I always like looking in them…

pizza 025I went to a mosaic gallery in fells point… A Baltimore local artist does all sorts of mosaics in two locations.

pizza 024We all know I like bricks and cobble stones…

pizza 011I also made pizza! Recipe coming tomorrow!


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