Dorito Taco Nacho (Copy Cat of Taco Bell Dortio Tacos)

peach bicuits, crumble, taco night, shirley 018I like to drink rum and coke out of mason jars, with two hands, sitting alone at a bar.

I like to eat avocados standing in the kitchen, staring at the wall, with extra salt and too much lime.

I like to eat summer corn raw, in clusters.  I like to binge on cherry tomatoes.  I like to eat tacos in excess… extra spiced.

Please never let the summer be over.  Please and thank you.

(I’m kinda lying here…)

T-minus five days (give or take) before I make some sort of taco grilled cheese sandwich concoction.  I’m sorry/totally NOT sorry.

peach bicuits, crumble, taco night, shirley 016

Grab a spoon that you love!  Any spoon.  Any size.  The bigger the spoon, the more the taco seasoning… obviously.

Here’s what’s rad about making your own taco seasoning:

you totally have all of these spices in your cupboard, you can kick up the spice and chill on the salt, and (most importantly) you’re the boss of you!

Get things going with chili powder, cumin, and paprika.  We’re also going to add dried oregano, onion, garlic, salt and spice.

Like a boss.

peach bicuits, crumble, taco night, shirley 017So I got the idea from taco bell I’ve never had the tacos but I like cheese Doritos and  I like nachos.

My friends had a wedding cake tasting/ dinner at my house a few weeks ago I made Greg take home mare then half home I shouldn’t be left alone with that many nachos/ Doritos in my house.

Lets just say they are too good!

peach bicuits, crumble, taco night, shirley 019Now… after you make your spices, you’re going to need something to sprinkle it on, right?  Nachos would be a great idea.  Steak would me totally major.  Shrimp… I think you should.

Some one should make me some surf and turf tacos thank you!

Doritos Taco Nachos

serves 4-8

Taco seasoning

(Notes this makes a small batch you season the meat to your liking but you can save it for later use you can also buy a taco packet too if you prefer.)

Grab a teaspoon or tablespoon and let’s get this seasoning party going!

2 spoonfuls chili powder

1 spoonful ground cumin

1 spoonful paprika

1 spoonful dried oregano

1 spoonful garlic powder

1 spoonful onion powder

half a spoonful coriander

half a spoonful salt

half a spoonful crushed red pepper flakes

Toss together.  Store in a jar.  Apply liberally to most everything.


1/2 – 1 LB of meat (Ground turkey, beef, pork or chicken. Steak, shrimp, chicken) Your choice I used ground beef

Taco seasoning to your liking

1/2 bag of Doritos (you can use any I prefer original cheese)

1/3 – 1/2 head of lettuce

1/2 pint of cherry of grape tomatoes halved

1 1/2 cups chihuahua cheese shredded

1/2 avocado sliced

Salsa and Sour cream for serving on the side

First slice and chop lettuce and tomatoes and meat if you need too. then grate your cheese. No in a frying pan cook your meat till its cooked all the way through drain out fat juice from the pan save a little bit to help the seasoning stick. add the taco seasoning to your liking. once done. Place the Doritos on a pan or tray or plate then dress the nachos. I did the lettuce and tomatoes first then cheese then the meat I didn’t want the chips to get soggy But you can dress them how ever you like your nachos. I did the avocado on top then served sour cream and mango salsa on the side.

peach bicuits, crumble, taco night, shirley 020


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