Irish Car Bomb Brownies

st patricks day 028So last year I made these cupcakes.

This year I said let’s try making it a brownie… Here is the thing.

I kinda cheated…

I sorta kinda used a box mix and substituted the water with Guinness.

I was being lazy.

maybe because I was drinking too many of these… milkshakes and taking too many shots of this.

st patricks day 029I also failed at this haha I though I would try and be cute and make them into shamrocks…

Fail whale!

good thing I only did it to four of them and I just ate the scraps anyways.

When in doubt just eat it.

Hey I’m already Irish I don’t need to impress anyone!

What’s your excuse?

Yeah that’s what I thought.

st patricks day 026Here are some facts that may or may not be true about St. Patrick’s day

One Day St. Patrick he tried to tell the irish people about the holy trinity. He was like “its like a shamrock. the father, the son and the holy moley.” The irish people were like “woah, God’s a  shamrock?” He responded “Close enough.” That’s why the irish take the shamrock so serious. If you don’t wear one they’ll pinch you and stuff. Other wise you’ll be antichrist.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated March 17th which is the day St. Patrick died. It’s like christmas… for the irish. Everyone gets drunk on St. Patrick’s day. Irish Americans get extra drunk and celebrate all week. In Ireland they celebrate all year.

Irish people go around saying “kiss me, I’m irish!” all that kissing is the reason why they have such huge families…

St. Patrick invented a lot of stuff. Like river Dancing, the shamrock shake, the hug fight, public urination and white basketball.

Just to be clear this isn’t true and I don’t talk like that.

Irish Car Bomb Brownies

1 box of brownie mix

Guinness mine called for 1/4 cup of water I replaced it with Guinness and did 1/3 cup instead


1 egg

For baking follow Directions on the Box.

Irish Cream Glaze

1/2 cup powder sugar

3-5 tablespoon of irish cream

whisk them together till you like the texture of it.

Whiskey Ganache

1 cup chocolate

2/3 cup cream

1 tablespoon butter

2-3 tablespoons whiskey

heat the cream. then add chocolate off heat then add the butter and whiskey. stir till shiny and smooth.


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