D.I.T.L.O. Day in the Life of (week 2)

ditlo week 2 005I like walking in the rain… and taking pictures on my shoes. Also the really cool tiles in my building!

ditlo week 2 006Soy peanut butter yogurt sometimes just makes you feel better about yourself. Just add chocolate and marshmallow sauce and you’re good to  go!

ditlo week 2 034Sometimes you need 3 espresso shots in some milk with caramel sauce to encourage you to work all night… See my name is even on it

ditlo week 2 003I’ve been into painting my nails lately.

ditlo week 2 054On my way to work with snow and salt… I only wore a parka and 50 layers of clothes.

ditlo week 2 0474,000 mini cupcakes later…

ditlo week 2 059I go to do it all over again the next night.

(No biggie…)

ditlo week 2 051I went home from work to only see the sun rise and to find out my dvd player wanted to act all messed up. How else am I supposed to watch Daria and go to bed? Jeez.

11351_4379087557281_862090538_n 59741_4379087237273_764531978_nI didn’t make all those cup cakes for nothing!

The  Ravens won the super bowl!


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