The list of 27!


Okay so I figured out what all 27 years old do on their birthdays… They wear pink lip stick and take pictures of themselves in the mirror down stairs in their building hoping no one sees.  Other than me being weird I’m sorry for disappearing…  I’ve been super busy with work and didn’t make anything for today I think I need a day off. But here is a short list of what you will be getting for holiday gift idea: orange cello, candy cane infused vodka, Irish cream if I can borrow a blender… Red velvet thumbprint cookies with a marshmallow cream cheese filling, peppermint patty brownies, baked potato grilled cheese and so much more…

(Picture of a picture thanks Nichole Mucci!)

I didn’t come here to taunt you I am sorry about that.

I here to school you on what I know and think…

I’ve made tons of mistakes in my life of 27 years so, I know a lot and have learned a ton! Some things took like 3 seconds to learn others took about oh lets say 27 years.

So, find out what color goes well with your eyes and buy a bunch on clothing in those colors!

Life is not fair. This fact is so frustrating, you can’t even do anything about it. I sadly found this out at like age 4.

On that note, remember someone always has it worse off than you. My dad told me that at young age, did I want to hear it? not really but I do remember that fact everyday.

If you hear girl say “I don’t get along with other girls” that usually means she’s mean to other girls… I’m just saying…
girls need to be more nice to other girls.

Never be early to a party, unless you plan on helping, my kinda help is pouring shots and mine help isn’t usually wanted to I show up a little late…

Always have your nails looking fresh.

Sometimes… Okay most of the time I never know what I want from a restaurant, I say it’s okay, because there is always time to stop on the way home for ice cream.

Over tip your server.

Being the ages 12-16 just suck and you can’t get around it.

learn how to cook, if for some sad reason you can’t cook, at least learn how to make cookies!

Don’t be that girl in any situation. I mean unless that girl is awesome and everyone turns their heads as you walk past… Then in that case you should want to be THAT girl.

Watch Garden State like a billion times Natalie Portman is cute and short, Zach Braff is tall and awkward… and Jim Parsons is totally starting his way into the world as Dr. Sheldon Cooper. It’s amazing.

Learn to apologize and really mean it.

Go to college! Just don’t piss (literally) your roommate off they may pee in your shampoo…

God is good even when you doubt God is God.

Happy Birthday To Me!! I love you all, I really do.


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