Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats

So nothing says fall like a chocolate cherry float with bourbon on the side okay it’s on the side and in it… yeah that’s my kind of dessert/ ice cream.

It’s scarey I kinda just woke up one day “old” like old enough to put bourbon in my ice cream.  But I love it, in a weird way. not the fact that I’m getting old but yeah you know what I mean.

in less than a month I’ll be 27. Crunch time I guess.

Some times I like an extra shot on the side yum…

It’s the weekend before Halloween and a hurricane is supposed to coming. Whatever I can survive it! my neighbor down stairs bought 100 dollars worth of beer… as a building I think we are ready… Don’t worry dad, I had beer, I’m fine no bottled water or food but the girl down stairs has beer…

Mean while I have chocolate ice cream and black cherry soda…

It’s real hard not suck this down… That’s what she said… yeah I went there.

I have purple nails and that’s about it.

Go Ravens? Happy Halloween?  not to sure what to say.

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats w/ Bourbon

serves 2

1 pint of dark chocolate ice cream

4 ounces of bourbon

2 bottles of cherry soda

Fill glasses with ice cream. Pour in 1-2 shots of bourbon (or lots more). Pour in soda. Drink. Enjoy!


One thought on “Bourbon Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats

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