Beermosas! Beer + Orange Juice = Beermosas

Totally classy… Okay maybe not but I never said it was supposed to be! Let’s just say it’s cheaper than sparkling wine, because just so you know you only have champagne if it’s actually from the region on champagne. So normally you are using plan old sparkling wine and orange juice to make a Mimosa. But we are going a different route. This is the newest drink you will be having in morning of your tailgate! WELCOME TO MY TAILGATING PORTION OF THIS BLOG!

Okay so it’s easy and cheap… I’m cheap. I don’t make much money and I’m cheap but have good taste that’s all that matter at this point.

It’s simply, equal parts beer and orange juice you can serve with ice if you like I don’t play that game. But you can. I would suggest a pale ale, IPA, or a beer that’s on the sweeter side. NOT A STOUT that would be gross, Heck use Natty Boh I don’t care just not a stout. Not for this anyway.

On a whole other note… I’ve been waiting for Tegan and Sara to release their new album or a single or something… Totally finally did on their birthday to say the least… Can I tell you that I want to listen to this song and jump around my house, my apartment building, the city and even at work! It’s so much freaking fun! Okay to many exclamation points. But could we like do a flash mob video to this song? Would that even count as a flash mob? Probably not and I don’t care. Let’s do it let’s be friends, let’s have a jumping flash mob? yeah whatever, I don’t really care!


1 glass

orange juice


Pour in the glass at the same time equal parts orange juice and beer. Drink and enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Beermosas! Beer + Orange Juice = Beermosas

  1. Never thought about mixing beer with organge juice. Sounds healthy. I’ll give it a try and report back to you. Keep those suggestions coming!

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