It’s Kinda Sorta Universal… Just Kinda…

Short Version:  Everyone is as scared as you are.  If they’re not, they’re just faking it.   Just Chill out

Long Version:  Sometimes you lose yourself.  It happens more easily than you’d like.  You enter a situation on your own, and you just don’t feel as confident as you should.  It’s silly, really… but it’s real.  Forgetting your confident coat is like running out of the house without your bra on… and you really need a bra.  You’re over 20.  The time for free-form experimentation is long over with.

Sometimes it’s superficial.  You’re not wearing the right shoes.  The pants you’re wearing make you look like you have a muffin top. (wwwhhhyyy!?).  You don’t accessorize well.  You don’t have much of a social life.  Ooooh the list of reasons why you’re not good enough and why everyone is cooler, more prepared, and less scared could go on for centuries, leaving you feeling iffy-at-best going into social situations.

Sometimes it’s brainy.  You haven’t read the right books in life, and you don’t quote the New Yorker because you rather read Vogue or um Bon Apatite  in your spare time.  You’ve got a good arsenal of Batman comics committed to memory, but that doesn’t really fuel a political discussion.  Wait… remember the time when Batman put the Joker in the Arkham Asylum where the Joker breaks out and then poisons Gotham cities water supply?  I think the caption is something like “Oh Mista J.” Why is it you can only think of is Harley Quinn?  So there’s that.  When ‘Oh Mista J” is the only thing that comes to mind in a serious literary conversation… that’s when the terror sets in.  Why is everyone smarter than us!?

 Sometimes the fears are work and school related.  You’re not at the right level.  You’re two promotions away from being happy at work.  Your blog traffic sucks.  You’re not taking the right classes with the right professors.  You’re not in the right clubs.  Everyone knows what they’re doing and where they’re going and you’re the only one wondering.  Your mind is filled with too many Tegan and Sara lyrics.  That’s the problem.  If you could find a way to free from those… then all of your problems would be solved (this is actually probably true).

Stop it!  Jamie, you’re beating yourself up.  Remember this:  everyone is just as scared and unsure as you are.  They may not have the exact same fears or worries… but they have them.  For sure.  Some people are just better at hiding their fears than others (like me), but we’re all in this together.  When in doubt (which may be more often than we’d like), remember that you’re good enough exactly right now, stop fussing with your hair, get out there, and live!  Exactly right now… you’re, we’re dang good enough.


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