Baseball and Midnight Milkshakes…

So Last night I went to the Orioles VS Kansas City Royals… It was my sister’s birthday present annnnd I look  hot mess in this photo!

That is besides the point we were there and they won! I mean okay come on the Orioles are kinda known for not being great but lets just say this year may be their year. The same player hit two home runs last night annnnd the same person caught it both times I mean that’s kinda amazing it was pretty epic last night. maybe they’re showing off for me because I’m single and I’m sure some of them are single and they totally want to date me to kill the spiders in my apartment for me.

yeah… anyway… not like that was awkward or anything…

And soooo that was that… Other than the fact the favorite part of Christa’s night was taking the light rail for the first time I told her next year forget a new thing we’re just riding the light rail and that’s it!

Beside that we wanted milkshakes when we got home

So I made them we bought cookies and cream ice cream and we went home and made them

First you put your ice cream and few splashes of milk in the blender the blend then pour in a glass and enjoy!


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