Single Ladies Guide to: Geekery at it’s Finest

That is Marina Orlova… She is a fine example of Geekery at it’s finest! Marina Orlova is a philologist (one who studies linguistics and etymology) it’s amazing what she does really…

Anyway here is my point, I’m a geek, nerd, dork whatever you want to call it! I’m an anime loving, video game playing, RPG pwning, reading a book in my spare time kinda person. Yes I like to learn an take the time to find interests of other people, yes the sci-fi channel is my favorite channel. Don’t ask me why they changed it to sy fy because I don’t get either! Maybe l like history a little too much, maybe science tickles my fancy, I mean come on baking is my thing and it’s a science people. Maybe I want to learn elvish and make it my official language and maybe I can totally pwn at dungeons and dragons on a Saturday night… I mean I guess that’s how I end up drinking in the shower. I Like zombies and the apocalypse is going to happen… I like werewolves and monster types and also vampires… I mean that’s enough about me and why I’m a nerd it’s not like I want to marry batman or anything… GEEKERY AT IT’S FINEST!


Now, now ladies and dudes if your not a geek but you are dating Geekery at its finest here are some lovely dating tips:
Guys, flowers can be kinda boring, considering they die. Chocolate can be cool but it makes us ladies fatties. Just think outside of the box!

1. Plan a board game night. Consider the interests, and find a few board games that are compatible. Then let them choose which ones to play. Make sure you find ones that work well with two players.
2. Plan a trip to somewhere new and that exercises the brain. On a small budget, go to a museum or nature preserve. If the budget allows, think bigger or more crazy. Go somewhere that makes discussion (though not argument). You’re creating memories that you’ll always be able to share.
3.Be able to have interesting conversations on any topic. Doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in everything, but be willing to discuss unusual topics. Know nothing about oh let’s say The planet Jupiter? Be willing to have them teach you what she knows, and ask relevant questions. If you try to learn something new each day, you’ll always have something new to talk about.
4. Be able to make time appropriate jokes. It’s always super fun when you and your significant other are the only ones in the room who get the joke.

5.Give unusual flowers. If your geeky girl loves flowers anyway, don’t go for the conventional roses. Choose something unusual or personal. Choose by color, by source or find something related to your history together.
6.Learn about what your significant other enjoys. Consider their interests. You love shoot-em-up video games, she likes puzzle games. Give her games a try some of the time. She’ll give you points for the attempt. This also holds true for movies, books, restaurants and other activities. Chances are that she’ll reciprocate and try out some of your interests. You both may learn to like some new things.
7.Learn to cook a variety of dishes. Some people are able to make one dish that is always a awesome, but if you’re going to go on more than one date, or have a long term relationship, knowing how to cook a variety of dishes is always important even if your significant other likes to cook also. Staples like spaghetti or macaroni and cheese, pb&j are great for later, but at this point, try for something a little more hard to make. You get brownie points for pairing the meal with an awesome wine or other fancy beverage (sparkling apple cider, sparkling white grape juice or higher end root beer work very well for the non-drinkers).
8.Be able to honestly express how you feel. Showing how you feel is very important, but it is equally important to say the words. Geeky people are often more introspective than average, and can often articulate how they feel or what they want. It is important to be able to reciprocate.
9. Leave a little mystery. While geeky people love to learn all about your interesting personality, it always helps to leave a little bit of mystery to keep them wanting more. Just make sure it’s not suspicious mystery, that could backfire!

Throughout it all, remember this: Geeks like to think. They like to be with people who think, especially those that have plenty of mind boggling conversations. Appeal to their intellect by displaying yours, but respect and cultivate their intellect in the process. Your efforts will be rewarded!



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