Another Simple Lunch

Yet again here is another simple lunch… Sandwiches! Who doesn’t like those? For real…
Simple lunches are for when guys can’t make up their minds, for when you burnt a whole rack of cookies at work… And turned your whipped cream into butter…

Turkey bacon tends to make things better, real bacon works well too! That is what I have come to learn…
Simple lunches are for when you realized your Friday night has turned endless work hours and your Saturday nights have turned into live action RPGs, D&D, Magic, Pokemon, and video games… 2 adult Links and a Chocobo you still lose because Chocobo’s are worthless…

You then realize you look like a nut talking about this. It’s okay, I can accept it.

I can’t tell you how you like you sandwiches. But mine has turkey bacon, sharp cheddar, turkey and turkey ham on there I threw on a few chips… Also I toasted mine in the pan I made the bacon in. So no butter required!
What’s your favorite sandwich?


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