Jacob’s and Olya’s Wedding and I made the Cake…

Yeah I decided to not go traditional. It was my friends brothers wedding and only 40 people. I really I thought a tiered cake was not ideal for this wedding plus cupcakes are more fun and I built the stand it was on! out of foam boards and PVC pipes and I decorated it with the fabric and such. The couple really didn’t really know what flavor cakes they wanted except chocolate. So the top cake was a dark chocolate cake with a vanilla bean icing. and I did a simple trim and ALL cupcakes and cake got white, pale pink, and Pale green pearls for a little decoration nothing makes me more mad than seeing a naked cupcake especially for a wedding. Grow a pair and stop asking for a muffin for breakfast just get a cake i mean it’s that same thing basically… Anyways Now for the cupcakes we did a vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling and vanilla bean frosting, and we also did a vanilla cake with pineapple preserves and coconut frosting also with vanilla bean. Also since they originally said chocolate, my friend and I said we will do chocolate but we will do black bottoms. For you not familiar with that term its a dark chocolate cupcake with a chocolate chip cream cheese surprise of love! and we topped it with a vanilla bean butter cream!

Multi tasking making batters… Yeah I’m not in my typical place making this. We made them at my friend’s house they have a way bigger kitchen then I do in my tiny apartment. Don’t be afraid of my bright yellow batter.I know it looks like it came from a box but It totally didn’t. I love to use this butter nut extract that wiltons that makes it just gives it that extra special touch! I think that’s what puppies and unicorns would taste like if I were to eat them. Yes you will be getting the recipes just not today.

These were not for the wedding my friend made these for her mom as a late mothers day gift… also to keep her moms fingers out of the batter… Everytime we make cupcakes at her house her mom always finds her way to the batter and icing it’s a laughable matter. Just this time we needed these to make it to the wedding for the bride and groom and 40 guests… chocolate dipped fruit is also a good snack at a wedding just sayin’….

Luckily we made all of them there and everyone restrained from eating them before the wedding that takes will power. especially with someone who loves batter and icing in the house, my friend that love cupcakes, and her dad that just eats everything and also another brother that drops on in that likes to eat my desserts… But they lived and survived!  Can someone tell me about how they feel about wedding toppers for the cake? I typically don’t like the old school bride and groom statue… It freaks me out I guess it reminds me of the creepy episodes of the twilight zone. You know when all the dolls come to life and start dancing around in their doll house? No you don’t Yeah I’m 26 and still watch old tv shows. But the mother of the groom bough it so I used it. I mean they still use toppers but have evolved so much since they started using them. But hey it’s not my wedding so I don’t get a say here…

But yes that’s my story about Jacob’s and Olya’s wedding cake!


Yes you will be getting recipes later just not today! 🙂


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