Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float and Cream Soda

You get a double in this post. forgive me for not posting and the relationship rant I mean you don’t talk to me ever and expect me to hang out with you now? I rather go drink a bottle of bleach in the shower. I mean that’s pretty bad. Actually I rather drink this alone and share how to make it with you guys. I mean I know you;re thinking it’s winter and why in the heck would I eat ice cream and cold things? I don’t know I’m bonkers okay… I live in the city and things are BONKERS  here okay. Lets more on I can make you a Shirley temple cream soda today too! See two for one.. Let’s get on with life. Okay cool no bigs.

This is super quick to make and fun if you have kids. You start with your ice cream and pour some cherry juice from the jar in there. I cheated and used grenadine too. shh lets not share that with people, that I cheat at making ice cream floats. Oh my gosh you’re almost finished.  I like i’m totes about having a quick dessert sometimes.

Now I added lemon lime soda. I usually use ginger ale but a friend at work told me most people use lemon lime soda. so you can do either or. You just need to breathe for a minute okay. Over the weekend I visited a friend and we made box brownie mix. I fail at life apparently, (we are both bakers)  Why am I telling you this? because everyone needs to take shortcuts in life to get the big picture. To my friend that I visited you’ll see it eventually. just keep digging you’ll get the big picture eventually and you’ll be the one who painted it all out. just eat ice cream and box brownies. Sorry about that just want wanted to reach out.

 See now you just need a spoon.  and enjoy it.


1 glass

couple scoops of ice cream

few tablespoons of cherry juice and or grenadine

few cups of lemon lime or ginger ale soda

I can’t tell you measurements on this everyone likes their ice cream floats differently.

You take your glass place a few scoops of ice cream in there. pour a few tablespoons of cherry juice in the glass and add cherries if you like then pur soda on top. then you enjoy!


1 large cup with ice

1/4 cup of grenadine syrup ( taste it after you add the club soda if you use that to see if it’s sweet enough for you)

Few cups of club soda  or you can use lemon lime soda. (leave room to add milk. and if you are using regular soda make a normal Shirley temple to your liking)

few table spoons o of milk.

Take your large cup with ice add your syrup and pour in you soda leave enough room for milk. add milk stir it in it’s like a float minus the ice cream its good choice if you don’t like ice cream.


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