Baked Chicken and Potatoes

Hey yes, I made another food dish. What can I say I have bakers block kinda. It’s like this I could make things but I want to make new different things that not everyone else writes about and not crazy things either more like hey I never thought about that but I don’t want to bake a pie inside of a cake. I mean come on be a lady don’t do that. That’s just not appropriate.

Anyway with that being said Let’s be ladies this year nothing crazy. Drink your drink out of a cup and not a jug, Yes maybe I’m a bachelor at heart whatever I live alone. But we are changing our ways. Well um maybe. Also I will not bake a pie in a cake it’s like what if one out shines the other. I find it kinda rude and not nice. Like for cake and pies if just about rainbows and butterflies. Yeah okay let’s move on.

First you start off by cutting your potatoes and lemon if you don’t like lemon then don’t use them that easy! I used red potatoes but you can any kind you like. I also left the skins on because  that where a lot of the nutritional value is but you can choose what you want to do!

Okay now you put your chicken pieces in the pan. You might be asking me why is there only drum sticks in here well, it’s because they were on sale and cheaper that the 3 dollar whole chicken I was going to cut up and since I do live alone I thought it might be okay to do that. Is that alright with you? I mean let’s not judge that I’m cheap. I mean let’s be nice to each other. But you can get a whole chicken and cut it up and put the pieces in the pan even get it pre cut of pull a Jamie and buy what’s on sale and be cheap.

But yes, you put you chicken in the pan and then place the potatoes and lemon wedges in if you want to squeeze the juice on top. the drizzle with olive oil. I also but diced roasted garlic in there and salt and pepper of course but you can be awesome and put other pieces in there I kinda forgot to buy some sooo I just did that. You can also add carrots or even onion in there just make sure it’s well seasoned to your liking.

Now you put it in your oven and back  your meal. Mine took 45 minutes but it take 45 minutes to an hour maybe longer depending on your oven just make sure you juices run clear from the chicken. It will be delicious. I promise.


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