Green and Fruity Salad

I made a salad… No I’m not on a diet I’m a baker, I can’t be on a “diet” but I do like to eat a tasty salad every now and then. This salad has 2 types of greens, orange slices, nuts and dried fruit in it, with a honey vinaigrette. YUM! Let’s just eat better in 2012. Maybe that is rootbeer with rum in it let’s not judge.

Has anyone felt that no matter what you say the year before and no matter how hard you try your year isn’t that great? I feel like that too, but to tell you the truth that’s just in your head. You do have good and great things happen in that year even if you can’t see it. I think people need to do a little more self watching than people watching as fun as that can be. Seriously just trust me in that department I’m not saying ignore the world but just focus on you and things in your life a little more closely. Like last year alone I moved into an apartment, got another job, made 2 friends at work, found and lost a relationship (I gained knowledge), Became an Aunt, gained another awesome sister-in-law (3 in total) and lastly Started a blog. I think of those as highlights of my year I’m sure more things happened but those were some pretty big things for me. I feel like I’m getting to deep for you and thing blog lets just try to self watch more in 2012 okay? okay cool great!

First you chop your head of romaine lettuce and add a mixed spring greens a heartier and a lighter green mixed together make a great mix


Chop your nut and dried fruit Mix I bought one with peanuts and cashews in it with cranberries, papaya, pineapple, banana and coconut it. You can get anything that you like and put no nuts in that if that’s your thing. You take some of the orange slices and trail mix and mix it in your greens save some for the oranges and trail mix for later.


Time for your vinaigrette! Apple Cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, salt and pepper to taste. Sweet and tangy!


So now you put more orange slices and trail mix on each portion and drizzle dressing on top! yum!

Yeah I couldn’t think of a better name for this suggest something to me in the comments!


2-4 servings 20 mins to make

1 head of Romaine lettuce ( cleaned and dried)

1 bag of mixed spring greens

1 small can on mandarin oranges (rinsed and dried) (optional)

1 cup dried fruit and nut trail mix (chopped)


3/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup  Apple Cider vinegar

2 TBS honey

salt and pepper to taste

Chop Romaine lettuce place into a large bowl and bag the bag of mixed greens to it. Open can on mandarin oranges rinse and dry add less than half to the salad.  Chop your dried fruit and nut trail mix add less than half to the bowl toss. Mean while take the vinegar put into a small bowl slowly stream olive oil into vinegar whisk it as you do so than mix in your honey than salt and pepper to taste. Now add the oranges and  trail mix to each salad portion of top then drizzle the vinaigrette on top


You can you fresh oranges I just like the little oranges in the can. or not use them at all

You can replace the honey with maple syrup that’s delicious too!

and you can add  or replace nuts with other fruit you like


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